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being questioned to use his personal e-mail to conduct official business. jackson resigned amid criticism she used alias accounts. >> krip peming the fishing industry in new england. nearly 200 fishermen are pledding for help now. they say impending cuts to the cash limits will finish off the fleet. >> yesterday twoeld you about the cash strapped postal service and the plan to spend a million dollars on a conference. they are launching a clothing line. that is right. lauren simonetti joins us with the details. >> now for fashion news the postal service a name that you don't associate with fashion is launch ago new line of clothing next year. it is called rain sleet and snow. we have no idea what it is going to look like. it will be a smart apparel also known as wearable electronics not sure what that means. maybe it has computers in there. >> hot pants. >> don't they wear fashion forward hot pants with the striem down the side? >> they tried this in the 1980s. it didn't work. they had stamps on the clothing. >> maybe the post office can make money off of it. >> they need it. >>
york city. it's set to the tune of michael jackson's "we are the world." the bizarre video dreaming he is on a space shuttle laufrped by a rocket then you see a u.s. city in ruins. the video ends with the man saying his dream will come true. >> two new york men horsing around on a frozen central park pond they fell through the thin ice. one was able to pull himself out of the water in a matter of seconds. the other was struggling for 15 minutes. two cop workers and a park tried to help out but theyened up in the water. they got everyone out and they are all going to be okay. he was fired for standing up for the american flag. a school custodian was so fed up he posted this picture of it all crumpled occupy on facebook. he wanted the teacher to call the superintendent of the school to complain but the superintendent canned him for over stepping his boundaries. we will hear more about that one. >> congress pressing the white house to answer questions about the program that can target americans without due process. this is one of the faces as the drone program prepares for the confirmatio
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)